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August 31, 2012

James Hamilton has a credibility problem. An 80-a-day hard core cigarette smoker, he discovered by chance a very simple, low-cost and easy cure for his smoking addiction that did not require willpower and there were no cravings or withdrawal symptoms – the things that defeat most smokers who try to quit. Moreover, he was completely cured of his smoking addiction in four days flat.

It sounds just too good to be true, and Hamilton acknowledges that. “I first discovered lobelia some 30 years ago by accident and it was being sold as a proprietary smoking cure,” he says. “The claims made by the company who sold it here in England were unbelievable. I didn’t for one minute believe that it would, as they claimed, blast the nicotine out of my system and leave me with a completely clean sheet, as though I had never started smoking in the first place. And it would do that in just four days!” Hamilton admits the only reason he bought the cure was because his wife was constantly asking him to cut down or stop smoking. Knowing he simply didn’t possess the willpower or strength to do as she was asking, the only reason he bought the cure was so that, when it didn’t work, as he was certain it wouldn’t, he would be able to point out in the future that he had made a serious attempt to give up, but it just hadn’t worked.

Surprised and incredulous

Astonishingly, and no one was more surprised and incredulous than Hamilton, the lobelia smoking cure he bought worked exactly as the claims made for it said it would. “At the end of four days, I could be with smokers, and it didn’t bother me,” says Hamilton. “My system was entirely rebooted and reprogrammed so smoking was not something it knew, or cared, about. I have no willpower, so I can assure you that whatever happened, it was purely down to the lobelia.”

Hamilton did go back to smoking, not because the cure hadn’t worked, but for other reasons he candidly and honestly explains in a book he has just published about his experiences – “How a chain-smoker quit smoking in four days flat”, which is now available on Amazon, priced at less than £2 for the eBook version. As he reveals, when his marriage failed and he was on his own, he saw no reason, and had no inclination, to quit smoking for over 25 years because he enjoyed it too much.

However, for a variety of reasons, a couple of years ago he decided he would quit smoking again and looked up the company he had bought the original Lobelia-based quit smoking cure from, only to discover they had gone out of business several years previously.

Confused and angry

“In searching on the internet for a ready-made similar product that would work in the same way, without success, I remember becoming confused and angry at all the conflicting reports and warnings about Lobelia as a smoking cure, and statements like ‘Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of direct evidence for the effectiveness of Lobelia or other herbs to quit smoking….’ For me, I had very direct personal evidence,” says Hamilton “so I knew most of what I was reading was nonsense.”

Unable to find a source for a cure that worked in the way he had previously experienced, Hamilton bought some Lobelia capsules online from an American health food company and guessed at the correct dose and a methodology for taking it. It worked! He kicked his serious addiction to nicotine exactly as before, without cravings or withdrawal symptoms, in four days flat.

“I felt I should share what I did and how I did it for other smokers who would like to give up but have failed, or who, like me, know it is just too difficult to even try,” says Hamilton. “And also, using my experiences and those of others as a starting point, maybe some serious research could be done into Lobelia inflata that would help hard-core smokers quit, if they wished,” he says.

Written in real time

What is interesting about ‘How a chain-smoker quit smoking in four days flat’ is that the book was written in real time. The first chapters explain Hamilton’s past and his battles with his nicotine addiction and how he accidentally found the smoking cure he originally bought. The core section of the book is where he reveals what he learned about how lobelia works as a smoking cure. Then, Hamilton actually starts to take the cure and, via a daily diary, he charts in detail his transition from chain-smoker to non-smoker in the targeted four days, while detailing the effects the herb is having on him, as it is happening throughout that time. It reveals that his desire to smoke actually ended with just the first couple of capsules he took and he had no cravings from that point on.

“I wanted to share with people what this cure is like, and the effects it was having on me as I was actually taking it, in the hope that it might help others. But I appeal also to government health people and the medical and scientific community, that there is a very simple, low-cost and easy cure for smoking addiction that should be looked at, so that others don’t have to guess at what is the right amount of lobelia to take and the best method of taking it,” says Hamilton.

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